Mark has written numerous comedy shows and has performed them at festivals around the world.


This is a comedy show about two cavemen who lose their ability to fart. They live in a wind-powered home, so when the farts run out, they have to find new sources of wind. There's a storyline and an environmental message ... and fart jokes.

Parents, uncles, aunties and irresponsible adults are all welcome ... Be the coolest grown-ups in town by bringing the kids along to a comedy show about cavemen trying to fart.

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Previous shows

(2022) More Jokes, Less Woke

Tired of all the woke warriors telling you what you can and cannot laugh at?

Had enough of snowflakes and their political correctness?

In this show, you're allowed to laugh at whatever the f@#k you want.


(2019) Grammar Don't Matter on a Second Date

The much anticipated sequel to Grammar Don't Matter on a FIRST date.

Can you really date someone who misuses grammar all the time?

A comedy show for grammar pedants and for people who have tried online dating.


(2017) What Would a Gentleman Do?

If a man holds open a door for a woman, is he gentlemanly, sexist or is he letting a bad smell escape?

Is pulling out a chair for a lady only acceptable if itís pulled out really far and she falls over?

What does it take to be a modern day gentleman?


(2016) Brain of Woman, Brain of Man

Do you understand the opposite sex? Does anyone? After unlocking the secrets of the grey stuff, Mark will tell you whose brains need rewiring. Neuroscience meets comedy in this truly cerebral show.

(2015) Grammar Don't Matter on a First Date

Let Mark explain how your grasp of grammar can affect your chance of romance. A comedy show for all those who have broken up over a misused apostrophe.

(2015) Confessions of a Sensitive Male Stripper

He's a male stripper but he's a sensitive soul. He cries when you mock his dancing. He's gets upset if you touch him inappropriately. So after years of being objectified it's time to set the record straight. He'll show you that male strippers are people too - just dumber.

(2014) Immigrants' Guide to Australia

Set in an Australian detention centre, this mock seminar explores what life is like on the other side of the fence. Mixing stand-up with video clips of immigrants talking candidly about life in Australia, we find out what foreigners really think of Aussie culture.



(2013) Word Vampire

As a kid, Mark created words to describe his freakshow family. In this show he revisits his word book that had been in his parents' attic for 25 years. A show about growing up geeky in the 80s.


(2012) How to spot a liar

Can you read people's nostrils? Do you know where liars scratch? Mark gives you the skills you need to avoid creeps and losers.


(2011) I've been watching you Australians

After years of sell-out festivals and countless gigs around Australia, Mark shares his thoughts on those curious creatures called Aussies. A mixture of sharp gags and personal observations from Mark's time in Oz.


(2010) Rogue Teacher

A stage play based on Mark's novel about a hedonistic Maths teacher who gambles with more than just his students' money.

(2009) The birds and the bees

In the guise of a bumbling science teacher, Mark delivers a tongue-in-cheek lesson on the birds and the bees and the bits in-between. Treating his audience like eleven year-olds, he tries to explain what our mummies and daddies are really doing in the bedroom.


(2008) Body language

What does your body language say about you? Let Mark explain as he explores the way we pose, pout, flirt and scratch.

Are you nervous, aggressive or just a freak? Learn about the body language we humans use to attract a mate.


(2007) It's not big, it's not clever

Mark created an online survey to find out if Australian attitudes towards swearing differ from those of British people. But because of a foolish promise made to his grandmother he must share his findings without technically swearing


(2006) Planes, trains and a horse's head

In an experiment to test Japanese reactions to abnormal behaviour, Mark travelled around Japan wearing a horse's head. On a plane bound for Melbourne, and with the help of an airline stewardess, he tells his tale of travel, culture and the land of the rising sun.